Friday, March 6, 2015

Are You Ready For... the Apocalypse???

That's me. And my fella. Months back, I was browsing facebook and somehow stumbled across a post describing a convention in Chicago that was centered mainly around The Walking Dead. If you're not familiar with the show and you like post-apocalyptic stuff...definitely take a look! They're in the middle of the fifth season and tons of people I know are hooked.

ANYWHO. This post. Their website also stated that they were seeking volunteers to work this convention. Figuring it was worth a shot but not really expecting anything to come of it, I sent in an application and told my boyfriend he should do the same. It would be tons of fun if we were both chosen and were able to work a convention like that together.

I'll fast forward a bit. We were chosen and I volunteered us both for disability services because of my experience with Autism and thinking that not many people would want to work that area. It ended up being a really amazing experience and we plan on offering ourselves up next year as well.

Having had zombies on the brain and needing something to scrap all the pictures we'd taken that weekend, I created.....


 Included in this zombie themed digital scrapbook kit are 10 patterned papers, 5 solid papers, one uppercase alphabet with numbers and over 45 unique themed elements inspired by your favorite zombie butt kickers!